[My My] Apink(몰라요) _ 일도없어(Eung Eung(1도 없어)) - Hai Tet Hay


[my my] apink(몰라요) _ 일도없어(eung eung(1도 없어))

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[my My] Apink(몰라요) _ 일도없어(eung Eung(1도 없어))


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Although eight years has passed since its debut, Apink has positioned itself as one of the top girl groups in Korea. In about six months after fearlessly making a successful change in ‘I’m So Sick’ on July 1, 2018, Apink brings out its 8th mini album ‘PERCENT’. The title track ‘일도없어’ is a dreamy dance 몰라요 with the electronic sound, describing a wish to wait for a nice person without compromising loneliness that often comes secretly at night. Particularly, the lyrics express the 몰라요ly coined internet slang ‘o o (which means I got it in Korean)’ with ‘일도없어’ to wittily show the will of the speaker.


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[My My] Apink(몰라요) _ 일도없어(Eung Eung(1도 없어))

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