[Full] Nam Thu BB Tran: Sexual Compatibility Is A Must In A Relationship BAR STORIES - Hai Tet Hay


[full] nam thu bb tran: sexual compatibility is a must in a relationship bar stories

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[full] Nam Thu Bb Tran: Sexual Compatibility Is A Must In A Relationship Bar Stories




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In a previous interview with Nam Thu, she told me that she liked Bar Stories a lot and I said I liked her as well. Hence, I invited chi Nam Thu to Bar Stories' special episode in celebration of the Year of the Pig.

Nam Thu was pleasantly surprised when BB Tran - who made a great team with her in Nam Phi Lien Hoan Ke (Story of Consort Nam) - appeared at the bar Cho Gao located at 192 Ly Tu Trong Street, District 1.

Happy not for long, they soon reveals each other's secrets, with [Nam Thu] claiming to not want to work with BB Tran on stage because BB's stage clothes overshadow the entire cast.

The most interesting thing about this meeting is the crohòa hợping of two artists who had two different starting points - Youtube and Stage Comedy - but complement each other very well.

Nam Thu took 3 years to become a stage actrehòa hợp and is now beloved by the YouTube community thanks to her webdrama, just several months after its release. And BB Tran, famous for his ability to produce BB&BG's YouTube shows, only took 3 months to be able to perform in comedy plays on stage.

This January, Bar Live also welcomes the million-view songwriter with whom many hòa hợpers want to collaborate - Andiez - with his most beloved songs: Mot Phut (One Minute) and Suyt Nua Thi (Almost). Guitarist Cong Danh is, as always, a musician with muscular arms and warm sound :))

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[Full] Nam Thu, BB Tran: Sexual compatibility is a must in a relationship | BAR STORIES


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