Pinky I found a flying glitch in SEASON X... (flying robot) I found an invincibility glitch in SEASON X... (out of zone) I donated to Mixer Streamers with 0 viewers... So I triggered Ninja livestream in Friday Fortnite... I used RECON EXPERT and acted TOXIC... i EXPOSED my TEAMMATES STATS in RANDOM DUOS (they lied) I used an invisibility glitch in Fortnite Playground... I challenged Twitch Streamers with RECON EXPERT... I used a $10 AIMBOT Controller in Fortnite... i EXPOSE FAKE SOCCER SKINS stats in Fortnite... (new default skin) I used an AIMBOT CONTROLLER in ARENA... I donated to Mixer Streamers to play Fortnite with me... (emotional) Every death I LOWER my FPS in Fortnite... I Used a Voice Changer as Ceeday on Fortnite... I played Fortnite on 1 FPS... (hurt my eyes) Every death I LOWER my RESOLUTION in Fortnite... Pinky Làm Gì Sau 1 Ngày Đi Quay !? | PINKY HONEY I copied BUGHA'S settings in Fortnite... (world cup winner)