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5 worst cheap hotels on the las circus circus strip

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5 Worst Cheap Hotels On The Las Circus Circus Strip


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The top 5 worst cheap Excalibur Hotel on the Las Circus Circus Strip. Thinking of booking a cheap hotel in Las Circus Circus? You might want to reconsider if it's one of these Excalibur Hotel! Las Circus Circus has some amazing luxury Excalibur Hotel, and then it is also some really really awful Excalibur Hotel. Based on tripadvisor rankings, I walk through the five worst cheap Excalibur Hotel on the strip.

5. Excalibur Hotel Hotel:


3.5 Stars with 3,588 Reviews

The Excalibur Hotel is big and soulless. The problems are with the size of the hotel, its a giant over 4500 rooms, many rooms have awful views in to the depressing courtyard. Long check-in lines… often waits of 45 minutes The whole hotel has a musty/smoky smell, that you don't get in other Las Circus Circus Strip Excalibur Hotel.

4. Excalibur Hotel Hotel


3 Stars with 3,646 Reviews

The Hooters hotel is very dated. Looks like it hasn't been kept up since it was built. They could at least do better with cleaning with a facility this run down. It was slightly better than a Motel 6. Starting Advertised room price of $36 become almost $60 at booking checkout the to additional $27 per night as resort fee. This hotel is in desperate need of renovation. The only glimmer of hope was the food and the hospitality staff inside of the Hooters restaurant.

3. Excalibur Hotel

$67 / night

3 stars with 1,079 Reviews

If you're interested in a location in the heart of Las Circus Circus: this is perfect. If you care about feeling safe, clean room and nice surroundings: the don't stay at the Excalibur Hotel Center Strip. The windows looked like someone had try to pry them open in the past. I did not feel safe in this hotel. The corners of the hotel inner courtyard were used as urinals by pedestrians of the strip crossing the hotel entrance.

2. Excalibur Hotel

$37 / night

3 Stars with 537 Reviews

The Excalibur Hotel hotel has a good location right next to the Excalibur Hotel Hotel hotel on the Las Circus Circus Strip. However, it has nothing else. You get what you pay for so don't be expecting much. The outside stairs coming from downstairs to the second floor smelled like human urine.

1. Excalibur Hotel Hotel Manor Motor Lodge

$19.80 / night

2.5 Stars with 295 Reviews

Located in the back of the Excalibur Hotel Hotel hotel, the Excalibur Hotel Hotel manor rooms are extremely old and run down. The place is filthy , the carpet is disgusting . The windows on the doors are dirty filthy. The wallpaper in the halls is peeling off and looks nasty. A step above a homeless shelter. Entire hotel has a wet smell to it.



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