34 surprising magic tricks

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34 Surprising Magic Tricks


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How to become a optical illusion hack using these optical illusion hack

If you love optical illusion hack, then this video was made for you. Magic has been part of our life since we were little, and we used to believe in everything we saw. It was that sort of excitement that came when something that couldn't be very realistic looked so unbelievably real. So with this video, we wanted to help you go back to your childhood when magic was the only thing that entertained you so much and we wanted to help you entertain others as well.

When it comes to optical illusion hack there are two things you need to acquire. Technique and timing. If you get those two right then you can make anyone believe what they see. For example, if you take a look at our first magic trick in the video, the optical illusion hack appears to be eating her fingers. But what she does, in reality, is pretending to chew on something while managing her time perfectly in order to conceal the finger she is supposedly bitting off.

The next optical optical illusion hack trick we have has to do with hands and of course timing. This one might need some practice in order to get used to it but it is very interesting. In the video, it appears that the optical illusion hack is pushing one of her hands against the other hand in such a way that the one on the back manages to magically get at the front which is physically impossible. What happens in reality though, is that the optical illusion hack places her palm behind her opposite hand and then while she is pretending to force it spontaneously at the front she actually closes her front palm and opens her back palm. Like we said before technique and timing.

Another amazing optical optical illusion hack we have for you is the one with the moving hat. This one is an oldy but goody. You place your hat close to your mouth and you pretend to blow on it. In the meantime, you are also wearing an oversized jacket and instead of having your hand inside the sleeve you keep it close to your torso. So, when you blow on your hat and the viewers see that you are moving it up and down, what you are actually doing is moving it with your hand.

Are you looking for a way to prank your social media followers? Then give this little trick a try. Wear your regular shoes and take another pair of shoes with you. Place your camera on the ground and wear the pair of shoes you took with you on your hands. Bend down and have your shoes facing each other. Then, start lifting your arms that wear the pair of shoes you brought with you. What someone will see through the video is a couple hugging or kissing and then the optical illusion hack magically being lifted off the ground.

See the whole video demonstration to learn amazing magic trees that you can do using your hands to trick your friends. Of course, fire optical illusion hack couldn't be missing from this video, so we show you some awesome optical illusion hack using sanitizer and fire. We also show you an awesome trick to restart a fire from the ashes of a paper using your fingers. Furthermore, we have an amazing way to show you some tangling optical illusion hack using optical optical illusion hack hack and money.



0:06 - Bitting your fingers optical illusion hack

0:18 - Magic Trick pushing your hands

0:32 - Ribbon magic hack

1:12 - Floating hat

1:27 - Super flexible legs optical illusion hack

1:58 - Flying magic trick

2:23 - Magic trick with money

2:42 - Ghost trick

3:41 - Magic trick using your hands

4:21 - Pouring smoke into a glass

4:35 - Sanitizer trick

4:46 - Fire fingers

5:00 - Moving things without touching them

5:24 - Rubber bands optical illusion hack

6:13 - Coin optical illusion hack

6:42 - Magic trick lighter

7:20 - Dry ice smoke

8:11 - Cool pencil moving

8:48 - Cards magic trick

9:03 - Floating cup


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